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Hi everyone,

We here at Freedom Software have finally decided to start creating some online content. We will be focusing on creating blogs, social media posts, and even some YouTube videos.

There will be several categories that we will be focusing on:

  1. We will go through various courses where one of us will study a new programming language or something similar. The content will cover our experience with the specific course and also the language or subject itself. This will enable you and others to have first hand feedback on what works and what not. The first three subjects that we have lined up are: Unreal Engine 5, REACT 18, PHP 8.
  2. The Second category will focus on software reviews and experiences as if it is our first time using it. The idea here is to give people an understanding of where software have failed and succeeded. We will the also look at it from a more professional point in order to discuss the software’s true functionalities an abilities. Our entry point will be simple and well known to the public: Microsoft products, Internet browsers, and some other third party software (haven’t decided yet on which).
  3. The last category is a little bit less serious and is more focused on fun and entertainment. Here we will play, review, and discus games, game development, and gamers in general. We will look at how well these games were developed, their effectiveness in approaching their respective genres, general fun and playability, and many other aspects. Some of the content in the beginning will focus on game platforms such as Steam and GOG Galaxy. We will also look at some classic and more modern games and the various types of gamers.

These three categories will be the start and in due time one or more might start to take the spotlight, but we will try to keep a balance in the beginning. We will keep the comment sections open to registered users and will post the content here on our website, Facebook, X, Instagram, YouTube and lastly on Patreon for those who would like to support us.

Let us know what you think and what content you would like to see.

In the meantime, have a great day, enjoy life, but be truly free.

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