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Virtually Real Life Slime the Blob
Estimated Release Date End of January 2020 TBA
Description What happens if a being of a 2D world is dragged into the virtual world of a 3D realm? The story follows our “hero” who was dragged into a world he/she barely understands, and has to survive and escape the demonic beings who brought our hero into this realm. Don’t forget to try and save our hero’s true love that was also dragged into this realm, or forget about true love all together, your choice. This is about the life of a blob/slime in the world of RPG games. Slime needs to survive the constant attack from wannabe level 1 RPG heroes who need to kill blobs/slimes to gain enough EXP so they can level up. A new type of evil came into the world that found a way to stop RPG heroes once and for all. Kill all blobs/slimes to prevent the heroes from levelling up and thus no one can challenge it. The evil almost succeeded, but one blob survived, Blob.
Download Chapter 1 can be downloaded for free on our Patreon page here. Please support our Patreon page. TBA
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