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Security Products

We Offer IP Cameras, Access Control & Camera Door Bells

Security is an essential in our day and age,
but with our wide range of security product you and your assets will be safter than ever.
Contact us today for a quote on the best security solution for you.

IP Cameras

With IP cameras you will have a much higher resolution and much larger field of view than CCTV cameras.
Start protecting and monitor your property today.
With our wide verity in IP Cameras you will find the perfect surveillance for your home or office.

Access Control

Keys are so old school. Upgrade to our biometric systems today for peace of mind.
No more keys getting lost, stolen or copied. We offer key cards, pin codes, finger print, or even facial recognition.
You can also use our biometric solutions for Time and Attendance.
Save thousands of Rands by proper monitoring of employee work hours, and prevent buddy clocking.

Camera Door Bells

Protect your family and business with our Camera Door Bells.
You will be able to monitor your door by phone or by video from the safety of your house.