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Some Happy Website Clients

Websites Development

We at Freedom Software take great pride in creating a website to your specific wants and needs. We specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get your company noticed and well known. You can either design your own website ideas and we will develop it for you, or we can do design and development for you. We also do domain registration and hosting.

Our website development services include:

  • WordPress Websites
  • HTML coding
  • CSS coding
  • JavaScript coding
  • jQuery coding
  • PHP coding
  • SEO
  • POPIA and GDPR

And so much more…

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Website Design

We can design your website and develop it in any way you would like it. What is the difference between designing and developing a website?

You first need to design your website before you can develop it. This is sometimes the most difficult part and can change throughout the development process. Designing is basically deciding what the website should look like, what content you will need on the website, and where every element will be located. In a nutshell, it is to make your website look great and to make it user friendly. Sometimes the client does the designing all by themselves and give the developer direction on what they need. Other times, the client needs to make use of a professional designer in order to optimize efficiency, speed, SEO, user friendliness, and many more aspects.

During the development process, the developer is responsible for actually putting everything together using code or a content management system. This process is very technical and any mistake can cause bugs, instability, crashes, or security issues in the website. The developer must work closely together with the client and/or the designer in order to build the website. The design can change slightly, or completely as the development process proceeds.

WordPress Websites

WordPress is a free content management system that allows you to build an entire website, whether it is a basic one pager, or an entire e-commerce website. It is mainly build with PHP code.

Plugins are used to add more features and functionality to your website. These plugins are also free most of the time, but usually only include basic features. If you want more advanced features from these plugins, it might cost a bit.

Even though WordPress can manage all your content and it is usually just a few clicks to build a very basic website, WordPress also offers manual manipulation of the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code that it is build on. We use this feature to bring your ideas to life, transforming the basic into fantastic.

Because it is easy to build a WordPress website, many beginners try to do it themselves and end up with a website that might look ok, but it suffers from slow speeds, weak security, instability or bugs, and ultimately can cost you more money and time to fix the website rather than to have someone build it for you from the get go.


Website Support

Our website support includes maintaining of all your website features, maintaining updates, plugins, and security.

If you have a professional maintaining your WordPress website, then it can be very cost effective, safe and secure. The security of your website is also handled by plugins, but it is important to use the right plugin and to configure it correctly. Without proper security you also risk breaking the POPI Act law with a breach in your clients information leading to a very big fine or jail time. Needless to say website security is very important.

Should you need any other form of security we can also provide it for you. Find out more.

Without maintenance your website will not continue running smoothly. Your website will be unsecure and without update your website might loose functionality. We can also maintain and track your SEO to making sure you know many people your website is reaching and improving your views.