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Upgrade to Our VOiP now

Benefits of VOiP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a voice or video call using an internet connection.
With VoIP you are able to make calls from your computer, laptop, smartphone, and VoIP phones.
VoIP calls have lower cost, completely portable, increased accessibility and higher scalability.

We offer an online PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) at mush lower cost per minute rate. Pay next to nothing for each extension. No setup cost and no other monthly fees.

Upgrade to our VOiP system today!

Voip Support

Our support structure is base on the same aspects as our IT Support.
You can chose to either pay an hourly rate for every support visit, or you can sign a SLA contract with Freedom Software.
With our SLA’s you receive monthly support based on your in on your individual needs, we will work using preventive measures ensuring you have as few technical issues as possible, and we do crisis management should there be a technical issue.
Whether you chose a SLA or call out based support, we will be there for any for any issues you might have, making your life easier and your day much better.